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Year 2020 in Review

The year 2020 was a roller coaster ride for all of us. But we’re looking at the brighter side, and presenting a recap of all our initiatives as a hub!

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Youth Mental Health

With an aim to drive awareness on the importance of youth mental health in India, the project targets young adults aged 15-24.

Key highlights:

  • Workshops and webinars were conducted with mental health professionals for parents, teachers and students, to impart awareness on the importance of mental health and well being.

  • To commemorate World Mental Health Day, a youth mental health summit was organized which was led by mental health professionals.

  • Social media campaign around #NotOkIsOk with sub theme #MondaysForMentalHealth

  • Celebrated World Gratitude Day by working with other Global Shaper Hubs across India to create a video sharing what we are grateful for.
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This project aims to address the need for upskilling amongst young professionals, especially women. By way of this project, the hub worked towards enabling young professionals to distinguish themselves in the market and also gain access to information and opportunities that are difficult to come by in a single portal.

Key highlights:

  • Through a series of 4 webinars, the project so far has reached out to over 150 women from 10 cities

  • The project aims at amplifying voice of women against gender inequality through digital advocacy & campaigns and have recently undertook #HadHiHai campaign as a part of the global efforts around 16 days of activism to raise the voice against gender based violence.

  • Going forward, the project aims to launch #Skillshots podcast series to create knowledge resources for upskilling as well a community tech-platform called Fempanel to create a first of a kind digital resource pool of women speakers, thus promoting increased representation of women in discussions & decision making at various community events.
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Anxiety Management

With Covid- 19 impacting our daily lives, 2020 was a year where burnouts became normal, especially amongst the working professionals whose lives shifted gears completely. Keeping the situation in mind, Anxiety Management project was launched with an aim to hold bi-monthly interactive webinars for professionals, on how to tackle anxiety amidst the pandemic and lockdown.

Key highlights:

  • Over the course of time, 6 sessions were organized on different themes including self-care, art therapy, finding balance, nutrition and soulful meditation.

  • The webinars were conducted by an external expert including Ms. Sana Khullar, Ajachi Anthwal in collaboration with Tippling Art, Ms. Andrea Stone, Ms. Debjani Bhardwaj and Mr. Arindam Kalra.

  • Each session has an average of 400+ audiences and all received overwhelming responses from those who attended. 
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Shapers for Educators

Shapers for Educators is a cross hub collaboration aimed to address the need for upskilling of teachers in the wake of the pandemic. It was curated and delivered keeping in mind the fact that all educational institutions were transitioning to delivering content online and teachers were struggling to acquire skills such as – excel, powerpoint etc that would help them cope with this. The project was delivered in the form of a series of five interactive webinars over a span of four months. The topics covered included – excel, powerpoint, google forms and canva.

Key highlights:

  • We conducted series of 5 webinars to upskill educators and equip them with tools necessary to make transition to a largely virtual way of teaching.

  • The topics covered included – Excel, Powerpoint, Google Slides, Google Forms and Canva.

  • Each of the sessions was streamed across multiple channels and was attended by 1000+ educators at various community events. 
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Hub Activities

  • COVID Relief – Through the months of February and March, we conducted multiple donation drives via different partners – NGOs, hubs in other cities and restaurant partners.
    • Via Superplum, we donated 450 kgs of mangoes in NCR and 800 kgs of mangoes in Bangalore
    • Via KS Bakers we donated 1000 packets of biscuits in Hyderabad
    • Via Sattviko, we donated dry snacks to 400 individuals in Gurgaon
    • Via APJ Abdul Kalam Minority Trust, we donated 350 biscuit packets and 350 bread packets to people in Gurgoan
  • Shapers’s Day of Giving – As a hub, we came together to do a Chritsmas donation drive this December. Through our NGO partner – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Minority Trust, we supported a total of 147 families and 360 individuals. The items donated included – socks, gloves and mufflers. The amount for this was raised via an internal fundraiser within the hub. The total amount raised was INR 13,200.
  • We added to our tribe – Our hub added seven new shapers in 2020! We are looking to further increase our numbers and will start recruitment soon

We are thankful to our partners