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About Us

Global Shapers Gurugram currently consists of around 20 members who are passionate to use their skills to bring about positive change to the community they live in.

Moreover, we also connect to Shapers from all around the world to collaborate with them in order to make a sustainable global impact.

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Our Values

Here are the core values that guide the work we do:

  • Driven by passion: our actions, activities, projects, and all work is driven by passion to create positive change in our community.

  • Building towards impact: in all our short-term and long-term goals, we think impact-first and connect the dots with SDGs to track progress.

  • Keeping sustainability at core: sustainability for us is not a ‘good to have’, it is a ‘must have’.

  • Staying true to diversity and inclusion:  we believe in progress and success that leaves no one behind and want to create a more inclusive community.

  • Collaboration for progress: we look for collaboration opportunities proactively and involve partners across board to achieve our common goals.

  • Committed to our team and community: we are consistent and committed to our team’s goals and community’s needs.

Meet the Shapers

The Global Shapers Community encompasses 10,000 Shapers, 400 Hubs across 150+ Countries across the world. Meet our Gurugram Shapers (sorted alphabetically)

Aashraya Seth
Aditi Rai
Anurit Kanti
Anusha Bhagat
Arjun Kapoor
Daniel Paul Nath
Dhara Shah
Manan Kalra
Niharika Maggo
Piyush Narang
Prabhu Kunwar Singh
Prerna Babbar
Prishta Grover
Priya Prakash
Tanya Mukherjee
Vaibhav Mahajan
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Past Shapers and Alumini

Antara Choudhary
Deepshikha Chhetri
Member (Dec 2020)
Eashita Sharma