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Our Initiatives

Finding the right project to develop starts from looking both inward and outward. What are the resources that we have? What are the challenges our community is facing?

With that we match our creativity and resources to formulate projects that tackle some of the pressing issues in our community.

Our Areas of Impact — Gender Equality, COVID-19 Response, Climate Change, Global Health, Entrepreneurship and Shaping My City’s Future

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Here are the list of SDG that our hub is tackling:

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Past Projects

Youth Mental Health

In India, the conversations around mental health and wellbeing are still not normalized. There are limited avenues for children, young adults to discuss their problems openly. We aim to drive awareness of the importance of youth mental health and how to deal with anxiety.

Shapers for Educators

In the wake of the pandemic, all educational institutions were transitioning to delivering content online. Addressing the need, we aim to curate a series of sessions for upskilling teachers.

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Soulful Saturdays

With Covid- 19 impacting our daily lives, 2020 was a year where burnouts became normal, especially amongst the working professionals whose lives shifted gears completely. Keeping the situation in mind, Soulful Saturdays was launched with an aim to hold bi-monthly interactive webinars for professionals, on how to tackle anxiety amidst the pandemic and lockdown with some fun and wholesome activities.