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Move Gurugram

Individuals in Gurugram need to “move” in order to get healthy (stay fit and away from health issues), especially post pandemic; where most individuals have had to stay indoors and have faced physical and mental burnouts.

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Block Pattern: Slim Fit


Orchestrate a fun, engaging yet meaningful campaign for a “cohort” of individuals to “move” and stay healthy.

Our campaign was divided into 2 parts:

1. Squid Games – Delhi NCR edition

Inspired by the viral Netflix show “Squid games”, we organised a themed event where we invited individuals across the region to come and participate in fun, childhood games alongside a community of like-minded motivated individuals and also win some exciting hampers.

Advocate health and fitness: Before the Squid games NCR edition was kicked off, participants were informed and educated the need for “moving” in the 21st century and how simple “walks” or short fitness “exercises” can lead to a long term positive impact on health.

2. 21 day fitness challenge

The “Squid Games” was a kick-off to a longer campaign wherein participants, as part of a cohort, would engage in a series of fitness exercises over a period of 21 days i.e. daily challenge. It would include “fitness hampers” for those who would be the most active.

Block Pattern: Slim Fit


  • 30 individuals participated in this fitness event which lasted for 5 hours across 8 games.
  • Teams of 3 were made and the winners of the challenge were gifted with hampers (courtesy of our partners).
  • We also had indirect impact on a lot of individuals based on engagements across our social media handles:
  • All participants were felicitated with “medals” to celebrate team spirit and for taking the initiative to engage with full enthusiasm.

While the event was successful because we could engaging this cohort by advocating about staying healthy and staying fit, but we are also confident that this cohort will indirectly also impact a lot many individuals and families in their community.

Block Pattern: Slim Fit


Venue, outreach and finance partners. Given Climb Centrals brand across the region, Climb Central provided us with great engagement, while also sponsoring our hampers for the top 2 winning teams.

Hosting and outreach partners for “Squid Games – Delhi NCR” edition. Given their large follower base on social media, we had a lot of publicity online

Knowledge & Implementation: Given Global Shapers Gurugram’s experience across “Health & fitness”, we helped source the right messaging across all stakeholders and also lead the implementation of the campaign on ground.

Block Pattern: Slim Fit

Impact Areas and SDGs

  • Physical Health and fitness
  • Mental Health
  • SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
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Anurit Kanti
Daniel Paul Nath
Manan Kalra
Prabhu Kunwar Singh
Prishta Grover
Priya Prakash
Vaibhav Mahajan